An Introduction to our Project Joiners – David and Callum

Mount Stewart project joiners with project manager

From left to right: David McClimond (Project Joiner), Dennis Wright (Project Manager), Callum McCaffrey (Project Apprentice Joiner)

David McClimond – Project Joiner

By way of introduction, I gained an interest in joinery at a young age whilst helping my father working around linen houses in the Bann Valley, developing a love for period and listed buildings. I set up my own business in 2006 in order to specialise in restoration and fine joinery work. I gained a wealth of experience having worked on restoration projects on a number of listed buildings which I hope will be invaluable to the success of the Project here. I hope to gain valuable knowledge from the specialist tradesmen that will be employed during the project. I also look forward to learning how a project such as the conservation project here in Mount Stewart will work.

Callum McCaffrey – Project Apprentice Joiner

Hi, my name is Callum McCaffrey and I am the Apprentice Joiner for the project. I am very excited about the opportunity I have been given to work as an apprentice involved in such a unique and interesting venture. I have always wanted to work with wood and after finishing my A Levels, including Design & Technology, I then followed my interests and worked for two years in a wood machining workshop. This was very valuable experience and I learned a lot about the nature of wood and timber and working with machines.

This sparked my interest in more bespoke woodwork and I started to make some of my own pieces in my spare time. I progressed to working on a lathe and I now produce bowls, goblets and other bespoke items.

The characteristics, aesthetics and variety in timber fascinates and intrigues me and I love to work with different timbers and make the most of their beautiful patterns.

When I found out about the opportunity to be involved in the project in Mount Stewart I jumped at the chance. Mount Stewart is such a magnificent house with such fascinating history it is a real privilege to be here as it all unfolds. Along with the interesting work I am doing in the project, working with some of the very talented and knowledgeable people also involved, is teaching me a lot and I look forward to future opportunities to further my knowledge and skills in the conservation and restoration field.

Information on the rest of the project team coming soon…


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