Our visit to Knole in England

Fiona (Project Conservator) and I had the privilege of heading across to England on 14 September to see the renovation/conservation project taking place at Knole in the great county of Kent.

We had a fantastic time, the weather being very kind to us and the staff of Knole being very kind and welcoming.

Knole is an enormous house dating from the 1400’s. Naturally enough with a building of this age there are massive structural issues, and with the materials the house was built with getting the wrong side of the hill.

I, from a joinery point of view, was blown away by the sheer size and the complexity of such a property!

The roof was being striped from its tile covering, exposing the roof structure. I was very interested to see the way in which it was constructed and what made it still stay together after 600 years!

The answer to that question is oak! Beautiful wonderful English oak!

I have included a few photos of the roof structure and the front façade of the property.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you get a chance (after having visited Mount Stewart), I recommend you make the journey from wherever you are and see this wonderful property and support the team there as they take on this almighty task!

Also make sure and keep reading this blog, the reason being I have a blog battle with the main blogger at Knole!



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