Pantry drawers finished, Saloon windows begin…

Hello again!

Well we have been busy beavering away in the depths of Mount Stewart. Fixing, repairing and discovering yet more problems, problems which are not insurmountable but problems which are part of the job we are here to do.

So the final pantry drawer has been finished and is just off to the painters. As usual, Callum did his lathe work in producing another handle from the beech mentioned in one of the last blogs.

Trevor also worked his magic showing James our apprentice how to splice/scarf new sections of timber into old ones.

This as a skill is by no means a simple one and should not be despised. To match in timber, one has to pick suitable wood with matching grain and then secure it to the old timber by leaving little or no visible signs that it has been carried out.

In the pantry we have painted a drawer front which hides the grain, so the focus was on leaving no signs that a repair was made, making the job simpler.

This drawer was unusual and different to its mates in that the drawer had no dovetail joints. It was simply and crudely nailed together! Trevor removed the nails and reused them as you will see in one of the photos.


The finished product!


Trevor hits the nail on the head!


The original cast iron cut nails


James, wise in joinery skills you will be!


The pressures on!

Now, Callum has produced the goods once again. I gave Callum a small task but a complicated one.

The task was to make two work stools, not ordinary stools but proper strong sturdy stools to help us as we fix the window shutters in the Saloon.

The picture below is what was given to him (kindly lent by Trevor) to build the stools from, he did so using the scrap timber we had left over from previous jobs.

Callum and I had a brief discussion over what was required and just left him with the drawing to sort it out.


This picture shows various items for a work shop but it’s the stool on the top right corner which Callum made

The following pictures are of Callum cutting the legs and also the joints where the legs attach to the top. It is the joint where the leg meets the top is the most complicated.


Callum has figured out the angle of the cut needed


As you can see the cut is beveled two ways! Awkward or what!




Callum has it well in hand and fine tuning the shoulders which attaché to the top


The first leg has been produced; Callum is displaying the angle of the leg


Will it or wont it fit? And yes it does!



The finished article!



Callum proving the stools stability and strength, looking rather pleased with himself and so he should be!


The lad is just delighted!

This exercise has given Callum yet more skills, he also has the enjoyment of using something he built, believe me that is a nice feeling.

I will take a few snaps with us using the stools and show them to you later on.

Keep watching this space, this is where it’s all happening!



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