New mouldings please! Oh and while you’re at it, fill that crack!

Hello again folks!

This time I want to show you some of the common day things we are doing now. The window shutters belonging to the TV room window arrived at our workshop in need of some repair.

Trevor and Callum started on the new work top for the pantry and while they machined the timber needed, James and I rolled up our sleeves and got stuck into repairing the shutters.

First thing on the list to do was remove some of the mouldings which had warped and others that had come away from the door rails, they had been filled by painters over the years to the point that these mouldings needed to be replaced.

While Callum was proving himself on the machines, this was a good exercise for James to see how mouldings around panels are done and also the traditional way joiners of yesteryear made doors.

I have included a few photos for your perusal and please send in your comments.

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